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Icon as used in popular cultural terms is not limited to a person, image or object with a passing resemblance, but a defined image which made a cultural, artistic and historical impact that is not handed off like a baton in a race.

This should not need to be explained.
Yes, I know it was hard for you to understand.

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Back when TNG premiered, the TOS-only fans predicted that it would fail. When it didn't fail, they started predicting instead that no one would remember it in twenty years. Essentially, what happened was that they found themselves on the losing end of the argument where things could be measured quantitatively - current success and public acceptance - so they asserted a position that was based entirely on opinion and speculation and therefore couldn't be factually challenged.

Of course, they turned out to be wrong about that too, twenty years later.
They were not wrong across the board, as the average person on the street does not instantly recognize TNG characters or the people behind them. As a performer, Stewart is more well known thanks to being a part of the X-Men franchise (and one can argue that many in the population only know him from that). Burton was already famous to older audiences thanks to Roots, and two younger generations recall his being the well loved host of Reading Rainbow, so ST may not be the reason they are recognized.

On the other hand, any random shot of Takei, Doohan, Nichols, et al, is strikes a cultural chord as they were hammered into memory in a way that does not need a screening of TOS in order for the light of recognition to glow.

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The facts remain. Star Trek, the original series and it's characters, did in fact play a large part in influencing culture and the paths of many hundreds if not thousands of people over the decades. This, to many of those inspired, was attributed specifically to the actors. (Kelley, Takei, Nichols, Doohan, and Koenig have all relayed stories on this manner time and again.
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