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I also sense you are trying to get me to give Abrams some sort of credit.
Not my goal at all. I'm just curious as to where the heart of Trek is for you. How much can be stripped away from TOS before it stops appealing to you? It's really a general question for everyone on TrekBBS. Asking it makes me examine what I like about Trek. I'm not out to bait you. But you have made your opinion of JJTrek clear, so it was interesting for me to examine what made any version of Trek appealing to you. I appreciate your thoughtful answers.
Way back when TNG started I was...turned off. Granted the first season was rough, but at the time it was so different from what I recognized as Star Trek. It would be some years before I could look back at TNG and begin to see things I liked. After all was said and done I now like a good portion of the first three or four seasons because amongst the new things I liked I could see some of the original Star Trek elements in it. I could say the same for a handful of DS9 episodes. Ultimately what turned me off the rest was the style of writing seemed to change in a way I didn't care for and it really felt like they were retreading too much familiar ground over and over and over again. I just wasn't seeing what I needed to see to like it anymore.
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