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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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Not for Janeway it wasn't: Janeway always looked like a sack of laundry when standing next to Seven! If Janeway were to come out on top in the last episode, she would have had to blind Chakotay.
At least Janeway wasn't the one wearing a girdle. In fact she wouldn't wear the dreaded "Star Trek Bra" but that is another story.
But that's obvious--like I said, Janeway looked like a sack of potatoes next to Seven. No matter what she wore she wasn't going to be any competition for Seven, but couldn't she have at least tried? For the series? When Braga told Kate Mulgrew she needed to wear a push-up bra, maybe she should have listened.
Really? You've got to be kidding me. You're saying Janeway was awful because she didn't look sexy enough? Come on! This is stupid. What you said goes against everything Star Trek has to say about what it wants the future of our world to be. They didn't have a female captain just to satisfy you. Goodness. The whole point was to make her seem just as strong as any of the male captains. Pushing up her tits would just be making her a Barbie for all the people like you who can't handle that maybe a woman doesn't have to be a toy. That is actually really ridiculous. Wow.
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