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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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I find it's a lot less complicated to accept that the "Uhura don't know Klingon" gag was one of the dumber things ever concocted in the history of Trek and simply forget it ever happened. Actually, that works nicely for most of TUC.
It's like McCoy not knowing Klingon anatomy when he tries to save Gorkon's life, when we now know that Starfleet had at least somewhat detailed scans and information about Klingon physiology as far back as the crash landing of Klaang in Oklahoma in 2151 and it's possible that the Vulcans provided additional knowledge about the Empire as they saw fit. McCoy and the 1701 and 1701-A crews had frequent run-ins with Klingons over the course of the decades and were often within tricorder scanning range of them.

McCoy not knowing how to save Gorkon in TUC is along the lines of Uhura not knowing how to speak any Klingon - it works in the context of that one film and its assassination and prison break storyline, but beyond that it falls into pretty silly territory and would be dismissed otherwise.
That's a perfect reason why JJ blew out all canon. It didn't make any damned sense.

I can't believe that the command staff of the flagship of the Federation (the ship tasked with highly delicate job of Klingon diplomacy) didn't know a damned thing about the Klingons.

It would be like the chief of protocol at the State Department in the 1980s not know anything about the Soviet Union.

As far as not knowing anything about Klingon anatomy? Even ignoring the retconning job Enterprise did...there wasn't ever one Klingon corpse found by Starfleet in the past 100 years? Even if McCoy didn't personally dissect the body, his professional curiosity should have forced him to read a damned book on the matter.
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