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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

Fixed the quote for ya.

Yeah, TUC is one of the great Trek films but it has some silly and contradictory scenes and dialogue. When McCoy fails to save Gorkon's life it's in large part because he doesn't know enough about Klingon anatomy to rescue the Chancellor. Later in the film Spock tells Scotty and Valeris that Klingons do not have tear ducts. Apparently somebody somewhere aboard the Enterprise-A has detailed enough knowledge of Klingon physiology that they can tell fellow officers that the species lacks tear ducts (which in and of itself makes no sense given all the times over the course of the franchise we've seen Klingon eyes well up with moisture or even tears, but that's another story).

McCoy could have used Spock's help, or if it was something that Spock had to look up in the Enterprise databanks after the assassination then that computer data would have come in mighty handy when McCoy and Kirk beamed over to Gorkon's cruiser. No matter how you slice it something doesn't add up - but it all seems to work in that film and make for a very entertaining and thrilling story, which is what really matters most.
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