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You are dead wrong.
I can appreciate both incarnations of TOS just fine.
But I don't think those who don't like the new Star Trek are stupid, while you always look down your nose at those who do like it and think just that.

Since Who mourns for Adonais was the first Star Trek episode I've ever seen, this episode here has a special appeal for me.
Well, maybe you're just trying to bait me into saying something inflammatory which I won't do. I don't like Abrams' Trek yet others do and that's their business. My opinion of others who like JJ is my own and my own business. I've heard reasons as to why they like it and I can only say that I don't see what they see.
You make your opinion of those who like the new Star Trek pretty clear.
And I think you are trolling. I think you're trying to start an argument and using the subject of this thread as an excuse to do that. And so I'm done trying to reply to your posts.
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