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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

This is when John hailed the bastards that wanted to kill them for no reason in silent enemy.

T'POL: I don't recognise the configuration.
ARCHER: Good. Hail them. This is the Starship Enterprise. What can we do for you? My name is Jonathan Archer. We're on a mission of exploration from the planet Earth. Hoshi?
HOSHI: The channel's open, sir.
ARCHER: Do you need assistance? If you don't want to talk, that's fine but, you dropped in on us. (the mystery ship turns about and goes to warp) Was it something I said? Did you get anything on sensors?
ARCHER: No what?
REED: No biosigns, no propulsion or weapon signatures, no readings at all.
this is a couple episodes earlier in flight or flight when Hoshi was taught what to put in Johns letter head and postscript.

REED: If they have weapons, they're not charged.
ARCHER: Any comm. activity?
HOSHI: No, sir.
ARCHER: Run this through the translation matrix. My name is Jonathan Archer. I'm Captain of the Starship Enterprise. We're on a mission of peaceful exploration. Oh, we come from the planet Earth. We're sending you a pulsar grid that should help you locate our star system. Did you rotate the frequencies?
HOSHI: I'll try it again. No response, sir.
TUCKER: Captain, mind if I push in on the venting ports around that hatch?
ARCHER: Go ahead. (zooms the viewscreen image)
TRAVIS: Are those venting ports or hull breaches?
It all kinda mushes together into one blob after a while.
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