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Re: TOS Villains: Best and Worst

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My favorite/best villians . . .

5 - Doomsday Machine/Nomad/M5/Gorn

4 - Henoch/Losira/T'Pring/Trelane/Balok

3 - Romulan Commander(BOT)/Romulan Commander(TEI)/Kor/Lenore Karidian

2 - Mirror Spock/Evil Kirk

1 - Khan

As for the other part, I don't care for 'worst of' anything lists regarding Star Trek
Ah, you're cheating! But seriously, I feel you on this. I should clarify that when I talk about "the worst of anything" to do with TOS, keep in mind that I am discussing it within the context of TOS which, because I consider it to be the most awesome show in TV history, any of its "worst of's are absolutely stellar compared to what can be found in any other program.

I couldn't help it, I had to list more than five.
As for the worst of _____ , if I go there, I try something like 'least favorite'. I know, pretty silly, but . . . . .
I'm pretty much with you on TOS, but as for the other series, and the reboot for that matter; to each their own. They're not wrong, just different.
ME, what did I do?
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