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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

OK, now that I finished masturbating three times in a row to this story, I came to a point of a big disappointment. The mass doesn't add up. How come it is both in the black holes, photons from Hawking radiation and dark matter at the same time? Did dark matter made of our long-dead corpses come out of the black holes in the distant future like Nero did? Are we walking over our own cold corpses?

And to anyone who claims that dark matter is not good science – there is a reason that dark matter is the leading theory in where the missing mass is. If it was bad science or there was a "simpler" explanation to it (like mismeasurement) the scientists would have gone for it. Dark matter fits with the observations, it has been used to make predictions that have been experimentally verified and has been mapped on multiple occasions. To make a bad analogy, it's like claiming that NASA using Hollywood special effects is a simpler explanation to Apollo photographs than an actual Moon landing – an astoundingly true statement, but it does not fit the data. Both the Moon landing records and dark matter evidence are far too elaborate.

What's more weird is that there is nothing special about dark matter, and all the talk against it is some irrational dislike that has no grounds. Its existence would be no more weird than the existence of normal matter, which is already there. There is no reason for all matter to interact through the rest of the forces. And whatever is causing the mass discrepancy is not evenly distributed across space, so it has some carrier, and we call these things matter for some reason. If you like you can believe it is caused by, say, a random uneven distortion of spacetime, go for it, but it is mathematically the same thing.

Yeah, you are right, we shouldn't go around coming up with particles, matter and stuff for anything, particles, matter and stuff are expensive in their complexity, but we have exhausted the remaining options.
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