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Now, what are your options?*
1. Stun Khan. Should work, but Bones hasn't had the time to run a really thorough analysis on the guy, so you don't know for sure.
2. Set phaser to kill and shoot Khan. Probably will work, although you don't know since Bones hasn't done that analysis.
3. Shoot Khan multiple times with kill setting phaser. Almost certainly will work, unless Khan is so radically different from humans that he should be considered a whole separate species or he is Jesus/random alien religious figure that died and resurrected himself/Tom Paris in Threshold.
4. Any of the above, plus shooting the consoles. The safest option, but the one least likely to be taken since the Vengeance could be used to tow the Enterprise (which is pretty much dead in space) and be a useful part of Starfleet.

Okay, option 4 is pretty much off the table. Let's run through our check-down list: Option 3 is the most logical/common sense "better safe than sorry" choice, and probably the choice most people would take in that situation.
But not a choice Starfleet would condone. Scotty would be in the right to refuse that order, and Kirk would probably end up court-martialed if he did that.
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