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Re: Roger Moore wants to do Who!!

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...or sherlock...maybe

This week Mark Gatiss tweeted about Roger's performance in "The Man Who Haunted Himself", the 1970 fantasy drama directed by Basil Dearden. "I have such a soft spot for the film," said Gatiss.
Roger's twitter account cheekily responded: "thank you. I might be equally wonderful in Dr Who or Sherlock if asked!"
Gatiss responded simply: "My life is complete! Will be [in] touch."

Maybe it's time for Rassilon to regenerate?:
Shouldn't he actually be the incarnation before the last one we saw onscreen?

In coincidence corner, Rog has already played Sherlock Holmes in a tv movie, Sherlock Holmes in New York in 1976.

I'm afraid I agree with those who say he's now a parody of himself. His HIGNFY appearance was embarrassing and he lacks the panache that Shatner brings to self-parody. Whether he was playing himself or a fictional character, I think he would totally take me out of either Who or Sherlock.
Yes but HIGNFY is v different to an actual acting role. He seemed pretty good from what little I saw of him in that Saint trailer?
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