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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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As for the Cyclops comment, what is so stupid about that idea? Are you saying a little person shouldn't play a heroic character like Cyclops?
Yes. Because Cyclops is a tall, athletic young man and a world class pilot. His character is not appropriate for a dwarf actor anymore than it would be for a morbidly obese actor or a ridiculously tall one.
Thats what I mean. I think everyone should have the chance to play different roles. There can be heroic characters played by small people. that said, sometimes people just don't fit a role, and its because of physical attributes. A small person really can't play cyclops in a serious movie. A fat person can't play Reed Richards either, and a white guy would probably not be hired to play Black Panther. You can tweak characters sometimes, but there are limits.

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Outside of JJ abrams and Nolan based Superhero movies I'm actually not all that negative in general (there is always exceptions, but those two things are really the only things that I tend to rant over).

Thats completely different. I never said I don't dislike other stuff. I gave Farscape a very fair chance, and it has a lot of positives. I don't go off on Farscape like Abrams or stuff like that. I'll mention I don't like it sometimes, but I don't rant or anything. It had an ok first season, and it had some great moments and characters. It also had writers that make George Lucas look skilled and characters so stupid they were basically female Jar Jar Binks characters. The way I feel about farscape is completely different then the blinding rage I feel about things like the JJ abrams movies that makes me rant about them.
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