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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

I just watched True Believer and Man on the street. TB was ok, but not great. Man on the Street...I have very mixed feelings about. The stuff with Oswalt's character was really good. The stuff with what was happening with Sierra was interesting. The little "interviews" about what the average people thought about the possibility of the Dollhouse was so annoying it was almost downright infuriating, and the reveal about ballard's negihbor was extremely predictable. I was hoping that maybe she was just a fake out, because it was so obvious that she was one of the dolls that if it was revealed that she wasn't, it would have been interesting (like how Vitor being a doll was a surprise, at least to me). But, no, its exactly what probably the majority of the audience figured out very quickly. I also was hoping we wouldn't get the "agent gets taken down and now has to persue his goal while suspended/kicked off the case" cliche, or atleast not this quickly. This wasn't a bad episode by any means, it was fairly good, but it was also a bit dissappointing. Still, overall I'm enjoying the show.
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