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Re: TOS continues...

Concerning objections to making new TOS episodes... this is essentially like 19th century 'steam punk' work. No one thinks 250 years from now technology in outer space will be behind our current communications tech on earth. Health care, likewise, will not go backward. For anyone who does like 'steam punk' but objects to these TOS fan films... there was real sci fi in the 19th century. Shelly's Frankenstein, jumps to mind. Edward Bellamy's 'Looking Backward 2000-1887' started a utopian movement that makes the Trek community look minor by comparison. I would not personally work on fan Trek... I'd rather do sci fi based on current issues in science and society. But I enjoy watching these efforts, and I have created an index (Star Trek Reviewed) to make it easy for everyone who likes them to spend their time watching them, not hunting for them.

Here, ST Continues has reimagined TOS with a less military-style command structure, a more civilian take. I would have preferred if they made it clear that this was Kirk's choice, and he, in the end, had the final say. Consensus may work for China, but I can't imagine it working on an international, interspecies space vessel. Nevertheless, I think it's an interesting addition to the Fan Film universe. It's no harder to believe than some of the other unlikely developments in Gene's universe. "There will be no war, there will be no greed, and all of the children will know how to read." I don't see the 'no greed' thing. ...Unless you eliminate humans.
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