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Re: TOS continues...

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The aesthetic isn't a limitation.
It very much is, if you stick to portraying a futuristic world in the terms of 1960s TV-making.

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There are composers who compose new pieces in the styles of previous eras. Plenty of jazz groups (mine) play in by-gone styles (mainstream ca. 1955). I write new songs in the style of "standards" (like Gershwin, Ellington, etc.).

This production, yes, is like a KISS cover band . . . that writes new songs in the manner of KISS! And if you like classic KISS, that's a good thing.
The difference here being, of course, that Star Trek isn't and never was a period piece about a specific by-gone time. It's a sci-fi show that tries to show a future world.
To ignore shifting and changing design aesthetics when portraying futurity today isn't creative. It's simply sticking to what you know and refusing to accept change.

This production is good, and I like it. But it is not a sci-fi show that takes today into account to portray tomorrow. It's a nostalgic masturbation fantasy for us fans, a period-piece about how a particular creative team saw the future in the 1960s (and even they moved on and adjusted their creative futuristic vision by the time TMP and, later, TNG came around).
This made me smile. How the future will really look is nowhere like they thought in 1965 and nowhere near what JJ thought it will, in 2009. You don't watch sci-fi thinking it's really gonna be that way, do you? Maybe when I was 12, reading Ray Bradbury rockets landing on their tails I thought it might really be that way, but now I know it's all just a fun vehicle to tell what-if stories that pertain to humanity in general, or to current issues.

C'mon, a space navy traveling at light speed!? By your logic, JJ shouldn't use such a preposterous concept that actually seemed plausible to WWII vets in the postwar era.

And I think it IS pretty similar to performing in a style considered hip in 1955. Hip now is way different. Yet some of us really like the old aesthetics. I can't wait to watch the whole episode tonight. Been saving it for a Friday on the big screen. Be well.
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