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The plain water people seem very disdainful of those who like flavour in their water. Having said that, I hate squash, cordial and such: way too sugary and sweet for my liking. Plain water is quenching at times, but gets a bit dull. I prefer teas, and fruit juices.
Yeah, I mean, look at all the disdain! Here:
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RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Plain old water can be boring sometimes. I found it easier to drink more water if it was flavored, and I therefore stayed more hydrated.
This is completely incomprehensible to me, but to each his own, I guess.
Kestra wrote: View Post
I love water. Plain water with nothing in it tastes delicious and is so refreshing. It doesn't need to be cold or anything either. I grew up on well water so a lot of tap water still tastes a bit weird to me, but it's still good! I can't imagine any flavor additive actually enhancing the taste of water, but if it's not bad for you and it gets you to drink more water, then that's great.
And here:
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^ I love plain water myself. I sort of think it has a flavor, but a good one! And, when you're hot and thirsty, it tastes better than anything else!
I've never seen so much disdain!


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