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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Just joined Trek BBS this week, I'm in my 40s, work at a library in Virginia.

I'm a TNG fan, but that wasn't always the case.

The first episode I watched was 'Code Of Honor' and I thought it sucked. But I had other problems with the series:
1.Season 1's music is different, a bit heavy handed & melodramatic for its time.
2.I didn't like the uniforms worn in the 1st season (too much neck!).
3.What, the Captain is bald?! Give me a break.

I'm not positive which episode I saw next, but Q was in it. When I went to college, I met some folds who were huge ST fans. They talked me into watching TNG, telling me it was "better" than TOS.

So I started watching. The first episode that really got to me was 'Yesterday's Enterprise', still a favorite. And shortly thereafter I was hooked.

TOS will always be my favorite, but TNG is a close 2nd.

I still think the uniforms and music of Season 1 suck (and I'm not crazy about the season in general, except for EOF). But I would follow Picard into any space battle.
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