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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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There was some piracy back then, but it didn't compare to the mass piracy you have now.
Nah. Reality check.

As soon as video stores appeared, there was video piracy on a "mass" scale. That was the late 1970's. Any bloke with two VCR's could copy a movie illegally. Or, any one bloke and his buddy, who each had their own.

Naturally, industrial machines could make much better copies. To assert that all tapes on all shelves in all stores across the country were legal is simply laughable. Same as today, with DVD's.

The piracy of movies still in the theaters was the bleeding edge. I saw a guy get caught with a tripod set up in the theater at the end of the first run of The Empire Strikes Back, when the crowds had thinned out. That was 1980. That the theater was even alert to that should tell you something.

If anything has changed today, it's just that the cost of making, keeping, and distributing good copies has dropped dramatically. What haven't changed are people's proclivities.

ETA: I agree with what mos6507 and Buzzkill said about price and availability. I remember, too, I was there.
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