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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I guess i should introduce myself properly

Hello, my real name is err... no i wont give that! anyway im 24 years old. Currently single (heh - should i have said?) I go to university in Scarborough (part of Hull uni). I study the Environmental sciences. Im getting into the marine sciences a bit (not just marine biology) because we share the first year with marine biologists. This is the only other forum i post on and id love to work out if anyone else in bbs posts on that other *snigger*.

Im getting into Enterprise as i said. Favorite characters? not watched enough to determine but i do like Archer (one man and his dog), T'pol seems to be cool, Trip... oh heck i like 'em all! Big Trek fan since i was small. but not a proper Trekkie though id love to go to a conference one day, not to meet the stars (im shy!) but to see what its like.

Anyway... before i start babbling incoherantly like i always do (even in real life).. i better stop.

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Just saying the show is growing on me, Liked Scott Bakula in quantum leap (when i was so small - i still think of "oh boy" when i see him!), thought he'd make a good trek captain when i first heard.
Scott Bakula is very hot. And I never watched Quantum Leap when it was first on, so it wasn't until ENT that I was first exposed to his hotness. Once ENT finished its run last May I started catching up on old QL episodes to get my fix.
ooh! there are no reruns here at the moment, so i have to sit and wait
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