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Re: Cylon POV Episode shelved!

Crap! Apparently there was a sneak preview of the second half of season two on sci-fi channel tonight and I missed it. Jamie Bamber talking with his real accent and everything.

Oh well, according to the thread at sci-fi's boards

sci fi thread

...this is what was in it.
"The little 30 second preview starts off with the ever so lovely Jamie speaking in his ever so lovely English accent talking about how Lee is going to go to a very dark place. Several short scenes then flash by.

A viper flying

Lee just sort of floating in a body of water in a pair of swim trunks (not quite a towel, but yay!)

Lee lying on a table while a doctor(s) are trying to restart his heart using paddles.

A scene with Lee lying on his bunk (?) saying "I didn't want to come back."

Kara hugging Lee...with Dee there in the bunkroom with them, as pointed out by other avid shippers further down in the thread who also saw the preview

Sounds intriguing, no? I didn't want to come back? Are they reviving him after he gets shot in "Sacrifice"? Lee's got some serious depression and guilt going on in his life. I think I like it.

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