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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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We're waiting for tmosler to get back to us about her Babylon 5 viewing and keeping the thread warm while we wait.
It would work out MUCH better if you "kept it warm" with b5-oriented content.

For example, how many folks here can recall how they started their B5 viewing? Was it at the urging of a friend or a commercial or a convention. etc?
I was very, very fascinated with CG Animation, and a Space Opera Fanatic and the Commercials for The Gathering roped me in. I wasn't completely entranced by the story yet, but, the first shot of the Vorlon Cruiser coming in for Docking had me desperate to see more, even if the story turned out to be garbage. Then And the Sky Full of Stars aired, and I knew the Series was going to be very deep and incredible and I was a fan for life (For the story as well as the CGI) from that episode on, and it just kept getting better from there.
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