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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Smallville: Season 11 #49 is out today and man what an issue it is! We start off with Booster Gold doing his hero thang and...

Not much happens there. It's all character. Basically Booster proving Brainy right. He's a hero even without his gadgets and it's good to see. It doesn't all go right for him but what do you expect? It's a crapsack future we're workin' with!

The next section is about Superman and Kara. There's a little character, a little action and a LOT of plot advancement. They DO descend into Faora's tomb and they DO find that Earthgov has been there first and they DO find that they've taken a little Kryptonian DNA with them!

But what for? Well that's where we hit the cliffhanger. I won't give it away but I will hint...

"Somewhere on Earth..."

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