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Re: Fun Personalities

I watched TNG when it first aired... and it took me about a third of the way through season 2 to fall in love with it. Picard became (for me) the sexiest bald man on TV and each year his stature grew.

As much as I loved it, loved Rker's beard, loved Troi and her unbelievable mother, loved the evolution of Worf and his hair (Mulgrew should have caught a clue from just watching Michael Dorn over the years), loved the enigmatic Guinan and the cerebral Crusher... the very last scene of the last episode fell flat for me. It just wasn't "right" for Picard to sit down with his crew and play cards. I realized then... after 7 years this crew wasn't the family that I felt our core group in TOS were after 3 seasons. That saddened/angered me.

And THAT was what grabbed me in the FIRST season of Voyager.

How well this crew came together despite their differences (Torres & Kim's pet names "Maquis" & "Star Fleet" were ressurected in season 6's "Muse" and I LOVED it!), how easily this crew came to love & depend upon each other. And how often they could bust on each other's chops. (Chakotay in the holodeck with Tuvok in Heroes and Demons comes immediately to mind. )

As much as I loved TNG... I have yet to purchase it on DVD and never completed the buy on VHS. But Not only have I bought 2 season of Voy on VHS, I rebought all 7 on dvd (twice) for myself and a family friend. I love Voy and its personalities that much.
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