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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

You mean us oldies get to introduce ourselves again? Sweet!

I'm somebody, (I have to get to know you better before I share my name) and I'm a 29 year old mom of 4. As to my profession, I'm a mommy. I am an aspiring writer and a crummy cartoonist, though. (Yeah, I'm not gonna show you so don't ask. )

I got into ENT when a friend told me that it was getting good in the third season. I started at "Countdown" but I don't think I became an avid fan until "Home".

My favorite characters should be obvious from both my avatar and signature--and if that's changed sometime: it's Soval and Trip, but I thought the show had a decent cast all in all. And I [whisper]even like Archer--a lot![/whisper]

I have sinced watched the entire first and third seasons and am working my way through the second. It's a good show. And I'm sad it got cancelled!
(We are an equal opportunity ENT fanservice)
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