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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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We're waiting for tmosler to get back to us about her Babylon 5 viewing and keeping the thread warm while we wait.
It would work out MUCH better if you "kept it warm" with b5-oriented content.

For example, how many folks here can recall how they started their B5 viewing? Was it at the urging of a friend or a commercial or a convention. etc?
I had an Amiga computer, and since B5 special effects were being created on the Amiga platform with the still-under-development Video Toaster 3D board and LightWave software, renders of the station and the Starfuries were showing up in Amiga-centric magazines long before The Gathering aired. I attended a meeting of an Amiga users group just to see a few minutes of B5 effects footage. I couldn't WAIT for the pilot to air, and I made sure I didn't miss it.
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