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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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Sisko had Prophet DNA so he was fucked.

Speech link please.
Every species in the galaxy had been surgically altered on a genetic level, which sure as custard, would be passed down forever through bloodlines making humans submissive and agreeable to Vorlons.

Sheridan is only capable of being as asshole to Kosh when he is shielded from the vorlonocity of Kosh by his encounter suit.
So the DS9 parallels continue. I think the natural evolution of mankind got away from the Vorlons who were a little too cocky after a few millennium.
The Vorlons and Shadows were treating the species of the galaxy as their giant ant farm. That's the point of G'Kar's speech to Sinclair's girlfriend after all. As Lorien put it, they were no longer interested in helping the younger races, instead, the Vorlons and Shadows had become interested in proving who was right. They were an Internet argument made manifest. The younger races were the hapless victims of titanic trolls. Whether the recognition of the Vorlons was genetic (which was Sheridan's assumption) or it was a telepathic ability of the Vorlons (which his exhaustion after saving Sinclair implies) or it is a combination is hard to tell.
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