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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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We're waiting for tmosler to get back to us about her Babylon 5 viewing and keeping the thread warm while we wait.
It would work out MUCH better if you "kept it warm" with b5-oriented content.

For example, how many folks here can recall how they started their B5 viewing? Was it at the urging of a friend or a commercial or a convention. etc?
On topic, that's a thought. Back from Japan briefly, I caught Deathwalker. The opening where NaToth went after her was great. And the slow reveal of what Deathwalker was to many of the parties in the episode was great. Other episodes like 'Voice in the Wilderness' with Ivanova's Rules to the guys in the shuttle, even Garibaldi's 'zip-button' routine were great. I'd long grown tired of TNG Trek's perfect humanity, and every episode needing to be meaningful and full of meaningful conversation. Folks in B5 had silly human conversations, played practical jokes on each other, and could be stupid, venal, crass, and silly, but still rise to higher moments of kindness, and humanity. The B5 characters came across as interesting and believable folks that I wanted to see the story of.
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