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Re: TOS continues...

A few thoughts ...

Pacing was good. Some fan productions drag, but this one seemed like it moved right along.

I thought the Uhura singing scene was a bit silly. Painful, almost. I skipped over it.

I think if they'd ...
... but that's a production decision. Could have gone either way.

I initially had a problem with some of the casting, but as I got into the story it was less of an issue.

I thought Chris Doohan had a lot more lines than his dad might have had if they'd made this episode 45 years ago. Some of his lines would have gone to Spock or McCoy. Maybe they're just showing him off. Not a problem, just something I noticed.

The effects, as far as I'm concerned, are spot on. The Enterprise looks exactly like I expected it to look. They did a pretty good job duplicating the old stock footage.

The opening credits look good. Familiar, but not a carbon copy of the original.

Not sure why they needed a "counselor," unless it's just something they thought might be cool to try. No big deal, really. I think the crying was a little over the top for a trained officer. Again, not really a big deal.

Overall, I think they've hit the ground running. Some things could be tighter, but as they go on they'll work it out. I had my doubts going in, but I was pleasantly surprised.
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