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No, these fan productions always lack creative freedom. They all limit themselves and will never be anything more than examples in nostalgia.
Wrong. Just because so far they've opted not to go beyond what they've been doing doesn't mean they can't. Yes, they might limit themselves, but the opportunity is still there. One day we might get something different. Unlike a licenced novel there is no censor telling them they can't do a particular kind of story.
A good story is one thing.
But presenting it in the guise of the design aesthetic of TOS is already stifling any creative freedom.
No. In what way could the aesthetic possibly be limiting? There's nothing preventing them from doing something allegorical in the best tradition of TOS, TNG or science fiction in general.

The aesthetic isn't a limitation. The only real limitation is of a self-imposed nature or lack of creative vision. Just because Trek novelists or fan film creators haven't yet done something does not automatically mean it cannot be done.

I haven't yet seen TheNewVoyages version of "Blood And Fire," but I have read David Gerrold's original novel. I don't know how closely they stuck to the original story, but the book touches on openly gay characters and their acceptance within greater society. That story wouldn't have been aired in the '60s, but it could have done in the late '80s or '90s. TNG fudged it. But no reason that story couldn't be done by a fanfilm now. STC's "Pilgrim Of Eternity" is a story of individual redemption. So right there you're right on the doorstep of doing even bolder allegorical stories.

Star Trek didn't limit itself simply to straight-up adventure stories---if it had it probably wouldn't have had the staying power it's enjoyed all these years. And there's no reason fanfilms cannot emulate that approach. It's really a matter of will and ambition.
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