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Re: i need your help please it is about new star trek club

Here are my ideas for a Star Trek web page, full of never before seen wonders. Any of you can steal these ideas, I am setting them free.

I'd just like to point out that 98% of all new ideas about Star Trek web pages are already found in MemoryAlpha and it's all in the PRESENTATION of the ideas that makes them new and possibly even exciting.

1. The ENTIRE HISTORY of every pet ever seen on Star Trek, their real life names, their trainers, their Star Trek quirks and every opinion offered ever by anyone about them in the Star Trek universe. I had a page like this once a thousand years ago about Star Trek cats which I wrote in html all by myself and I was extremely proud of. Of course there was no Porthos then but even so there are other worthy doggies in Star Trek that would make expanding the page beyond cats an excellent choice. Like that transport accident poodle in TOS or the Chinese Crested alien doggie in ENT. Anyway, people like pets and people like Star Trek so bring them together!

2. The ENTIRE history of all fruit and vegetables and meats and grains in Star Trek, what it is supposed to be, what it actually is and how many times it has been used across the series. Rambutans, I'm looking at you. The Chinese Crested of fruits. Perfect for alien fruit bowls during diplomatic dinners. Recipes, perhaps even with HOW TO youtubes that you present while cosplaying a Klingon chef would be hilarious and wonderful and an instant hit with the ladies. Other people will also like it.


:: beheads the Cardassian vole ::

My god, this could be a whole series. Released weekly. The website would have SO many hits! If you had the right person you could end up with a cult following of your Klingon chef.. Cooking for Honor! would become the next great youtube craze!!!

And you know what would really make it classy, you wait until episode 12 before you even get to gagh. Because this is original material people, this isn't just a bunch of microwaved wet gummy worms.

3. Fashion. This could go on forever. I suggest making it magazine style, like Vogue. Write it all up as though it's on the runways of Risa NOW.

I mean look at this. The story writes itself.

This is a nearly endless topic but rather than making it dry history present it as though all these amazing designs are in the shops and couturiers right now, ready to make us all so very beautiful. If you have trouble writing in Vogue style channeling Q may help with some Lwaxana thrown in for flavour.

And there we have it, my best ideas. ENJOY and please invite me to the opening gala kthxbye.

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