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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Well...Giles has returned and he's not quite himself Angel and Faith #22 was fantastic. I thought Giles wouldn't turn out exactly the way he was before, and wasn't disappointed on that front. The resurrection spell worked, but thanks to his Great Aunts he has returned in the form of a 12 year boy. He has all the memories of his past self, including everything that Angel and Faith have accomplished this season...but just as a 12 year old. First thing he did is lecture Angel on his plan in the first place, then had a nice and couple funny moments with Faith before preparing them for the fight against Whistler, Pearl, and Nash. This was probably the best issue in a while. I think we're a couple issues away from the season finale now.
Really? I thought it was a jump-the-shark moment. They've really made death meaningless now, they've resurrected everyone: Warren (not literally), the Master, Rack (also not literally), and now Giles. There were hints that something awful would happen if they tried to resurrect Giles, and then this? What's so bad about him being in a 12-year old body, when his mind is the same? Unless he doesn't grow up, it's something many middle-aged people dream of, a chance to be young and live a whole life again. This is just done for comedy, and I'm sick and tired of his title's juvenile farces.

It also doesn't make any sense. They kept Giles' body intact, it would make a lot more sense if he had been resurrected with the body he had when he died, but a mind of a 12-year old and memories he had back then. Now that could have been really problematic for him and everyone. Right now the biggest inconvenience is... that he can't help staring at Faith's breasts?

Also, Giles tells Faith she's doing all right? By blindly following Angel's every whim? It's funny that Faith ranted a few issues ago, when Alistair was revealed to have an agenda, that old guys are constantly using her daddy issues to manipulate and use her, but she doesn't notice the oldest guys of them all who's doing it right now. If Giles had told her that she doesn't need any father figure and she can be independent, that's great, but she hasn't been acting independently at any point in this series.
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