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Re: "Year of Hell" Question

That's what the Department of Temporal Affairs did.

"Time Customs"

Again, just like getting a catering degree, this is how Kim could have gotten promoted to Lieutenant by taking a field in the ship that isn't staffed, and staffing it.

(He made Delaney Sister's from Stellar Cartography redundant, and then gave their jobs to Seven of Nine. It's no wonder the kid had so much trouble losing his space cherry.)

Although, considering Deadlock, which is spacey wacey, not timey whimey, the only "refugees" Kim would have to manage and herd and smack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper is himself Harold Kim and Naomi.

Imagine it: Kim in a nice jet black uniform.

Actually, if this thought had crossed Kim's mind in season 3... By the time the Krenim became an issue, he would have had the clout as a mission specialist to assume mission command and maybe even ship command off Captain Janeway whereafter she would have had to work under him.
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