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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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Borg could be pretty darn cool, if they're less the bad guy and more of a hurricane that rolls into town - implacable alien invaders who stomp on the well-laid plans of protagonist and antagonist alike.
Exactly my thoughts. I just mused about this a little after seeing FC again a few days ago: The reason why the film has always irked me is that it 1. feels rather small (it's a bottle show really) and 2. that the Borg were treated as, yes, space zombies who were under the control of a conniving seductress - very pulpy. The reason why the Borg worked in TNG in the first place was, IMO, not so much their being cyborgs, but their hive mind, the fact that you couldn't negotiate with them or easily destroy them. They were a sort of totalitarian anti-Federation which also gave their confrontation with the Enterprise an interesting political angle.

Now usually in stories of this nature, there is a group of villains who have a leader - the objective becomes to defeat the leader so that the followers are not a threat anymore. But since the Borg have no leader, defeating one of them, or an entire ship of theirs, becomes all the more futile. That's their original appeal, and FC diminished that by introducing the queen.

It was on a VGR episode that a character said (Arturis in Hope and Fear, I believe) that he considers the Borg a force of nature, essentially comparing them to a hurricane or something: You can't really fight it, but you can try to defend as best you can and, when it's gone, rebuild. That is what the Borg should be.

But really no matter how they would do it, I think the Borg have a mass appeal that TPTB would be foolish not to exploit for ST13, and considering how fresh and exciting they have made several aspects of Trek canon in this new iteration, I have much confidence that they could pull off the same feat with the Borg.

I say: Bring them on!

EDIT: Also, concerning the problem of "giving the villain a face", couldn't you just see the Borg assimilating, say, Spock and him then showing up on the Enterprise's viewscreen declaring "I am Locutus of Borg. You life as it has been is over. Etc."? Seems like something they would think about.

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