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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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what you are doing is good ok, now i have a big question for you then?, did you ever think of trying to put all of the videos together as one video page. if you did not think of this. i am going to talk my time from the star trek role playing game plans and turn them into a full ship of all of the becks. after i put what i got i will take them to a place in sacramento to a place where they do blue print, i am going to get them bigger to this size of 3' wide X 6' long and put them together as one sheet. i just wonder of you ever try to do this of your project.
One video page? I've got grander ideas in mind, sir. This is (at the very least) going to be publicly released as a playable walk through of the Enterprise. Those that download will be able to walk through the portions of the Enterprise I'm creating, in real-time.
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