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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Posted by spacemonkey:
*sneaks into Enterprise forum*. (I normally lurk over at Voyager...)
No need to sneak, we welcome all fresh blood!

Er, I mean, Welcome! Have fun!

Just saying the show is growing on me, Liked Scott Bakula in quantum leap (when i was so small - i still think of "oh boy" when i see him!), thought he'd make a good trek captain when i first heard. Stretching out watching the episodes so they last me some time. Ive actually seen the very last episode. To be honest (dont kill me) its not too bad!
*waits for you to watch entire series and then the finale again.*

Meh. Some like it. Some don't. Don't be afraid of us that loathe that episode so much that we'd rather be sat on by a Sumo wrestler and be farted upon repeatedly than watch it again.

We're a tad dysfunctional, but we're a family none-the-less.

anyway, hi y'all!

Now im older i think Scott Bakula is - again, dont kill me!

*runs away*
Ain't nothin' wrong with thinkin' the man's sexy. You might enjoy this thread a lot. ENT has the sexiest damn man than any other series, IMO. (And women too.)

We won't kill ya. Torture you maybe... make you sign over your soul and your firstborn child, but we definitely won't kill you!

Seriously, I hope you'll post and not be scared off by the madness that is this forum.
(We are an equal opportunity ENT fanservice)
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