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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

This is me being very reasonable.

Just the facts.

I assure you that when I am being obstinate, shit gets real.

You're refuting math with interpretation of math by individuals who would lie or repeat lies they've been told.

Jeri's %60 bump, lasted 1 episode, and only raised Voyager's ratings to a little over half what they were getting in season one.

You could just as easily claim that it was Wang being "selected" as one of the worlds sexiest people is what saved the show... Even if it didn't, which it didn't, but the claim that his spunkiness saved the show from premature cancellation is equally as spurious as that Jeri did or the Delta Flier did.

Remember when the Network said Fuck you to the Duke's of Hazzard, you don't deserve a raise! The real star is the car, so why don't you just fuckity fuckity fuck off, and we'll find us another couple of hillbilles to drive our star around."

The year of Coy and Vance did not bode well for the network.

How much danger was Voyager of being cut from the line-up by year 5, 6 or 7?
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