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Samurai8472 wrote: View Post
-Ten chosen rangers
We already know it's more than ten.

-Jason David Frank not doing it for the money. He'd do it for a dollar for the fans
Unless he's actually doing it for a dollar I call bullshit on that, Jason David Frank likes to talk and present himself as an super awesome guy who's doing it all for the fans but we all know he's doing it for money, to promote himself as a brand and because he loves attention. I don't blame him for that but he should be honest.

Christopher wrote: View Post
So is there a list of exactly which actors are confirmed as returning?
Jason David Frank Tommy (Green MMPR)
Selwyn Ward T.J. (Blue Space)
Patricia Ja Lee Cassie (Pink Space)
Danny Slavin Leo (Red Lost Galaxy)
Melody Perkins Karone (Pink Lost Galaxy)
Reggie Rolle Damon (Green Lost Galaxy)
Sean Johnson Carter (Red Lightspeed Rescue )
Alison MacInnis Dana (Pink Lightspeed Rescue)
Jason Faunt Wes (Red Time Force)
Hector David Jr Mike (Green Samurai)
Brittany Pirtle Emily (Yellow Samurai)

The above appear in what appears to be the PR version of the Legend War.

Jason Smith - Casey (Red Jungle Fury)
Aley Hartmen . Jayden (Red Samurai)

have been seen on set, they're technically not confirmed but it is very likely they'll appear (probably in different episodes than the legend war guys) and I'm sure there are more guest appearances we haven't heard of.
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