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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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Nielson ratings are calculated from a sampling of viewers and is the only indicator they have which suggests what their actual viewing numbers are... Are you claiming the graph or the actual numbers I supplied/found are fraudulent?
Nope. I'm saying it is a red herring. Kate Mulgrew is claiming that Jeri Ryan boosted Voyager's ratings. Rick Berman is claiming that Jeri Ryan boosted Voyager's ratings, and that they stayed at a higher level than they would have been at without her.

The fact that the ratings went down until the show was cancelled would seem to be self evident (ratings rarely go up until the show is cancelled) and has nothing to do Ryan's character: It's clear that she brought additional fans to the show, many of whom remained to the end. Without them Voyger's run would have ended sooner.

When the executive producer and the star of Voyager give Jeri Ryan credit for helping the show, I have to believe that you are just trying to stir the pot by saying that she didn't.
It's not clear that she brought new fans to the show.

It is clear that the existing fans appreciated her, although there were less and less existing fans each week/month/year.

It's called "spin"

If the producers start saying "we made a terrible decision, a series of terrible decisions, because we're awful at our job" loud enough and often enough, it's not actors who are going to get fired the next time someone starts trimming the fat.

Jeri was fantastic, Seven of Nine is exactly what I wanted, but lets be clear about this, I was not the demographic they were losing or needing to lasso and force to sit in front of their idiot boxes.

The producers did what they did very well, but no one was interested, and they didn't know how to jigger their brand into something saleable without alienating their dwindling audience which they were most probably not allowed to do, and is why they did nothing despite the forewarned doom.

The highest aggregated rated Shows during Voyagers run were Seinfeld and ER years 1 - 5, Who wants to be a million year 6 and Survivor for Year seven, all scoring in the low 20s to the high teens.

None of these series used a half naked pretty girl to get were they got.

Long ago when America was a different country, when this happened, I love Lucy scored a 67.

I didn't know Lucille was hot until I saw her movies, because the acting and her character on the telly was more important than her body.
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