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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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Honestly, I never thought Michael was a particularly honest or decent person. His son was usually the only reason he ever made the right choices. He used to play the martyr when his family was around, and it made him feel like the better man, but now he doesn't have that audience.
Definitely agree. He was never a good person, he was as bad as any of the family but his son kept him on the straight and narrow, the main thing is we always saw things from Michael's POV, if you think about these episodes where we see it from Michael's point of view his family are asking him for things and he tries to do it, when you see it from their POV he's dealing with them to get what he wants and adding conditions we don't see from his POV, so I think we're supposed to take from that that in the past it took his side of things. George Michael was the moral centre of the show, if anything.
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