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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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Well, I find his stuff very interesting, if not to be taken entirely seriously. But he wasn't a Right Wing loon-- more of a strange kind of Libertarian. He believed in individual liberty and opposed organized religion. He certainly believed in sexual freedom. He believed in a meritocracy. Stranger In A Strange Land, remember, was embraced by the 60s counterculture. I think of him as kind of like Ellison-- I only agree with him maybe half the time, but I like reading him almost all the time.
Yes, it is less embarrassing if we try to pass off one of SF's most revered writers as an eccentric or contrarian. Read his West Point speech. Also, I see all libertarians as rightwing and loony.
Help me. I googled his west point speech but can't seem to find it.
Heinlein attended Annapolis, the Naval Academy, so he probably made a speech or two there.
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