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Re: Why Kathryn Janeway is the BEST Star Fleet Captain... EVER!

I'm trying not to get involved with these new "worst/best Janeway as Captain" threads...but I will say Voyager remains to be my favorite Trek series and I could probably count over 100 reasons why it appeals to me, but I won't because it's tedious and it's 12 AM.

To the poster of the other thread "Why Janeway is the Worst Captain" --> you referenced her behavior in "Equinox" as your main reason for her "instability" or whatever. For the record, in the 2nd part of "Equinox", even Janeway herself admits she went too far and she told Chakotay that he had good reason to stage a mutiny. She admitted her flaw, admitted she could have been wrong.

To the people who say they can't understand why someone would be a Janeway fan...I equally can't understand WHY someone would ever want to watch a "perfect person" on their TV every time they watch Star Trek...personally, I would rather watch a show that is more light-hearted, comedic, perhaps sometimes flawed, but retains enough of it's science fiction basis and humanity/morality base to be considered comparable to any other Trek series. The fact is that I simply enjoy watching Voyager more than the other series I have seen. I admire TNG and am rewatching it now actually. DS9 was absolutely amazing and had rich, wonderful characters and stories. But whenever I just want to be in my happy zone...I put on VOY.

Having a constantly even-tempered, clear-headed, picture perfect, non-emotive captain is entirely unrealistic ESPECIALLY when truly considering the insane situation Voyager was thrown into. Knowing that she chose to save the lives of the Ocampa and destroyed their only possible way home, she has lived with a constant feeling of guilt mixed with the feeling of knowing she did the right thing. But then again at times she doubts if she had. She was purposefully made to be flawed and real, but she performed to the best of her ability under the severe circumstances of being thrown to the other end of the galaxy....without sacrificing most of her principals. Were those principals bent from time to time? Yes. Was she perfect all the time? No. Nobody is. But do I respect her immensely and think she made a great captain? Yes.

To be short, I'm a very big fan and I don't truly care what people think. I will watch what makes me happy...
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