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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Substitute NuPike's demotion speech to NuKirk in STID with Janeway and you have your problem. Pike regarding Kirk: "You think you're infallible. You think you can't make a mistake. It's a pattern with you. The rules are for other people. And what's worse is you're using blind luck to justify your playing god".

While I like the character of Janeway. She suffered from overt favoritism from the writers and production crew. I suspect it was a way of overcompensating to make the first female Star Trek captain not seem weak, foolish and or incompetent. By "Endgame" Janeway is arrogant and with a hyperinflated ego. VOY's premise was lost in space trying to make it home. We knew from episode 1 they would make it home eventually.

While Janeway certainly didn't have it easy. She certainly wasn't breaking the rules or living on the edge like Capt Ransom from Equinox. I really like the season 5 arc that began with "Night". Janeway secluded in her quarters lamenting her decision to strand 150 people in the DQ. With what we know about how easily and for random reasons starships blow up in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. You add in a multitude of unknown alien threats, and known threats Borg and Species 8472, who wouldn't regret and second guess their decision?

However Janeway is virtually faultless and infallible. She makes all the right decisions and escapes always despite insurmountable odds.
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