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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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I know that the Borg threat is gone...
Only if you believe Voyager, which is NEVER a good idea.

It depends on which version of the Borg you're talking about, though. The Borg as originally conceived aren't that much of a problem; they come and go like sharks in the water, assimilate a few of your colonies and ships whenever they get "hungry" for new resources. If you catch them off guard you can probably kill them, but if they see you first, your only chance is to run like hell and try to find a place to hide until they get bored and look for easier prey.

If it's the First Contact/Voyager version of the Borg, all you really have to do is locate the Borg Queen and pull off some kind of Bugs Bunny routine. In fact, since her level of ineptitude is and has always been widely distributed throughout the Borg Collective, you might not even need to locate the Queen. Just beam a hundred torpedoes onto their ship and blow them all up before they can think to stop you.

I would therefor like to ask, what techniques the Federation could have come up with to defend herself from the Borg menace.

Stick with what works, I always say.

1. Quantity
Some 40 ships (depends on the year) are still not equal to 1 Borg Cube, but could 100+, 200+, ... ships fare better?
Only if at least of them is commanded by someone with names like "Picard" or "Sisko" or, hell, even "Janeway."

2. Hide in plain sight
Similarly as in Stargate Atlantis...
Invoking anything from Stargate is even more misguided than taking Voyager seriously.

But strictly speaking, no, that wouldn't work. If you're dealing with First Contact Borg, their motivations are so seethingly incoherent that you're likely to find yourself under attack by borgified sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads. The original Q-Who Borg are a different matter, but the only real way to avoid them is to kill them before they kill you.

3. Trojan horse
As seen in Icheb or Future Janeway, if the whole species would get "inoculated", would the Borg be still able to adapt, if they are always destroyed after an assimilation attempt?
Icheb wasn't the first time they tried this, actually. Picard's crew did the same thing with Hugh and his infectious "individuality." It turns out that any particular pathogen introduced to the collective will only spread as far as a single cube, so even if you could produce some kind of Borg plague and make your people carry it, you would only be able to get a couple of cubes before they adapted.

4. Nadion-pulse cannon
A novelverse invention with bugs, but could they have been used against the Borg with effect, or would the Borg still adapt?
That question is equally valid for literally ANY new technobabble weapon you might want to make up. Yes, the Borg will eventually adapt to it, and then you'll have to develop the antihadronic torpedo. When the Borg adapt to THAT, you'll have to develop the meson-pulse wave cannon, until the Borg adapt to that, ad nauseum.

Still, it kinda depends on which version of the Borg we're talking about. Generally speaking, they don't adapt to weapons on the first use, so if you can destroy whole cubes with one shot it'll probably take them a while to figure out what you're using on them.

6. Minosian Echo Papa 607
Would this drone be any use against the Borg?
Interesting question. They're both annoyingly adaptable and they're both driven by relentless machine intelligence. My guess is that they would enter into a rapidly escalating techno-arms race over the course of a few hours that would culminate in their annihilating each other and everything within a million kilometers of the battle zone.

7. Mentharian Aceton assimilator
Would these be of any use?
Dobutful. Starfleet got out of them easily enough, the Borg would probably figure it out eventually.
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