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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hey everyone. I'm a longtime Trek BBS poster but I haven't really posted in TNG forum for some reason. Perhaps it's because for so long there was Voyager and [/i]Enterprise[/i] to keep me company that TNG seemed (don't gasp!) somewhat old.

But really I owe everything to TNG. It introduced me to the wonderful concept of Star Trek and formed my adolescent existance a great deal. I didn't begin to faithfully watch the show, strangely, until around mid-1994 when the show had been cancelled. I was in my pre-teen stages and my mother was dating this guy who was a big Trekkie. He then introduced me to TNG and crazily enough I began to love it. He had all of the episodes on tape so I watched those and then some when TNG began re-airing episodes during the subsequent years of 1995 and so forth.

Back then there were more younger Trekkies then there are now. Through liking TNG I meet a friend (who I am still in contact with) my age that loved Star Trek as much as I and he introduced me to DS9. I collected every piecce of memorabilia that crossed my path. I saw my first Trek film in the theater, First Contact, on opening day and thought it was incredible. When VOY aired I watched that (but didn't faithfully follow the show until it was in its fourth season) but still had a place in my heart for TNG.

When Insurrection came out it was like a special day, clearing activities off my schedule to catch the first showing. Same for Nemesis, although I was slightly disappointed with that (even more so since it's undoubtedly the last TNG movie ever).

But since this is a TNG forum I'll keep it TNG-related. I still watch the show from time to time and every year my friends and family get me a new season on DVD. It is, without a doubt, my favorite Star Trek televised incarnation and the most influential piece of pop culture in my life.

My favorite TNG character is Captain Picard, who I looked up to growing up. Data is my second favorite, and his continuous search for his humanity always intrigued me and kept me fascinated about his character. I also loved Picard's platonic relationship with Dr. Crusher and the ongoing mystery of Riker & Troi on whether or not they would ever truly hook up (Troi's relationship with Worf? It's blasphemy I tell you!).

That's about it. Of course there are tons more to discuss but I'll just leave it at that for an introductory post.
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