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Re: QonoS and its moon

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The next movie is obviously set up to be a Klingon vs Enterprise battle much like ST3 was.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Enterprise were destroyed. Memorable scenes from the TOS movies are being lifted and Abramsified. XI copied TMP's Enterprise fly by (duration cut by 90%), STID copied Spock's death scene from TWOK (switching Kirk and Spock). It stands to reason that with the Enterprise's destruction being the most memorable scene from TSFS it'll be copied and Abramsified in XIII, particularly since the plan was to do a trilogy. The scene will be Abramsified by having a Klingon ship tear the Enterprise apart with a shit load of torpedoes and phaser railguns. With lens flare.
And as the ship is being torn apart, Kirk puts Enterprise on a collision course with the Klingon ship and then orders his crew to get into thruster suits. As the Klingons blow Enterprise to pieces, the crew flies through the debris and boards the Klingon ship, fight their way to the command pod and take it over. But not before the Klingon commander manages to take pregnant Carol Marcus hostage, forcing Kirk to have a dramatic face off on the Klingon bridge which is finally resolved by Kirk shooting out the airlock with his phaser and then kicking the Klingon out of it in an oddly satisfying fusion of "Aliens" and TSFS "I... have had... enough... of you!"

We have our climax, ladies and gentlemen! All we have to do is hack the rest of this together and it's in the can!
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