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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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They're implied to be very powerful. Nothing and no one suggests MOST powerful.
I said AMONG the most powerful, Eddie.
My comment stands. We don't know for sure what the most powerful ships in the TOS starfleet looked like, nor can we say one way or the other that Enterprise would be among them.

The closest line we have is when Kirk tells Captain Christopher "There are only twelve like her in the fleet."
Yeah, which kinda implies that they are pretty special.
"Pretty special" and "pretty powerful" are not the same thing, nor does either imply "pretty large."

Again, why do you think so ? There's precious little evidence in TOS or the movies, but the implication is that the Constitution is a special type of ship.
And again "big" does not follow from "special," even in Star Trek, where the examples of "specialized" 24th century starships come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the tiny Defiant to the hulking (and, oddly, far more common) Galaxy class.

Besides, I'm reminded that USS Kelvin has been implied to be a pre-Narada design that is itself almost twice the size of the Constitution class in and of itself; in the Prime timeline, it could have easily still been in service by the time Pike visited Talos Four. Considering that the other ships in STXI are based on the same design school, that further implies that all seven of those starships would still have been in service well into TOS and we simply never saw them because Enterprise so rarely visited Earth.
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