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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Nielson ratings are calculated from a sampling of viewers and is the only indicator they have which suggests what their actual viewing numbers are... Are you claiming the graph or the actual numbers I supplied/found are fraudulent?

Regardless...Television universe estimated at 95.4 million households; therefore one rating point is equivalent to 954,000 TV homes.

Now either that person you're quoting was lying or they shaped their answer, to maybe have said something like "males between 19 and 35" increased by 60 percent, or they're talking about a much smaller time frame than you expect.

Although a bump of 60 percent, is from a Nielson of 4 to 7, which almost looked like that did happen if I found the right place in the line graph, but really it looks like a jump from 4 and a 1/2 to 6.

There's probably a better graph of Voyager's Nielson's out there, or even actual table

Worst case scenario got a 4.0, Scorpion 1 got a 5.6 which is a 40 percent bump. Scorpion II was 6.5 which is a %63 bump from Worst Case Scenario, but there's only a 16 percent bump between Scorpion I and 2 after a massive hiatus and huge word of mouth and many reruns... The Gift However is 5.6, which means that lost that %16 in a fraction of the time it took them to generate it, and day of Honour was 4.5 which is a 30 percent decline from Scorpion two... And then their ratings just criss crosses across either side of 4 for the rest of the season almost perilously close to 2.9 with Vis a Vis half way though the season.

Scorpion was an event.


Big Numbers.

Jeri was there too.

It didn't last.

Week to week, her Borginess may have slowed the decline, but she didn't bring in TNG numbers which was double and/or triple what Voyager was pulling. She may have made the show more entertaining for the few in the world who were watching it, but Jeri Ryan/Seven of Nine was not generating and keeping new viewers.

It's a line graph.

The line is going down.

Not up.

If it's going up some is saving the show.

If it's holding steady, some one is still going to get fired.

If it's going down, the show is dying and every one gets fired.

Voyager still did mostly do double Enterprises Numbers.

Fan fatigue.
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