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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Interview by Staff from January 20, 2011

How hard was it for you, personally, when, in the middle of the showís run, Jeri Ryan arrived on the set to play Seven of Nine?

Mulgrew: I found that that was hard....So I resented that and I was hurt by the immediate, extraordinary attention given to this character. The numbers went up. And I thought, ďAh, you canít argue with a business decision and you canít argue with sex.Ē Thatís just part of life, but all of that is very difficult for a woman, particularly an actress like me.

The New York Times
SIGNOFF; Intergalactic Generation Gap

Published: February 07, 1999

When Jeri Ryan joined the cast of ''Star Trek: Voyager'' in its third season, in the fall of 1997, ratings soared 60 percent. They have since remained up, though not at that lofty level, said Rick Berman, an executive producer of the show
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