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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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A similar feature exists on the TOS Enterprise, yet to this day we have never really come up with terminology to describe it. "Aft nacelle" fits as well as anything else.
No, it doesn't. Nacelle is not a Star Trek creation, it's a real word that actually means something.
And in real world usage it frequently refers to features not all that different from the saucer spine.

Even if "behind the aft nacelle" made some kind of sense, it would be...
The neck of the ship, where in the TOS design the diagona jeffries tube was implied to be. Considering that pylon also connects the saucer section to the engineering section which contains both the main power plant for the entire vessel and those mysteriously deadly water turbines, that seems like a pretty logical place to put some critical component of the life support system.
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