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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Actually, that was a shot at The Artist, a new silent film released in 2011 and that won Best Picture from the academy awards that year (like a lot of people pointed out) and the other I mentioned was Slumdog Millionaire. I remember seeing something about it on the news and just laughing about the fact that it was the goofiest thing I'd heard of for awhile. It was just used as an observation that I'm not in the audience for most film critic loved movies that win awards like that, because they're usually bizarre and not normal movies. Those two were the most obvious examples to me.
I get that it was a shot at the Artist, but you aimed widely to try and take down all silent films.

I would say that you should see The Artist, the reason it's a silent film is actually a part of its story. It's a funny and moving story... and that makes it quite an achievement to win for best picture... a comedy RARELY wins.

And I get that you think you aren't the audience for most "critic loved movies" but I think you aren't the audience for a LOT of movies.
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